Steel Strap

Steel Strap

Steel strap provides heavy duty content support and stability during transport in fleet applications, warehouses, shipyards, and more. Steel strap offers higher levels of protection than plastic strapping for heavier packages and shipments. This strapping is extremely resistant to uv radiation, so it is less likely to corrode when exposed to outdoor environments over time.

- Weight: 50kg / roll
- Width and thickness
+ 16mm width - 0.5mm thick
+ 19mm width - 0.6mm thick
+ 32 mm width - 0.8 mm thick
- Tensile strength limited: 580-780MPA
- Elongation: 3-5%
- Thickness tolerance: +/- 0.03mm
- Width tolerance: +/- 0.10mm


Applicable for the bundling and packing of wood, paper, cotton spinning, glass, and steel weld tube and all kinds of heavy goods. 




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