Antistatic Shielding Tape

Antistatic Shielding Tape

Antistatic shielding tape helps protect electrostatic sensitive surfaces, components, and equipment from harmful electrostatic discharge damage. These tapes contain specially formulated electrical conductors that produce a durable hard coat of cross-linked polymer ESD worn surfaces. 

Surface resistance: 

Film surface: <10 * 8 ohm), Adhesive surface <10 * 9 ohm

Size: 2.5cm x 50m or 5cm x 50m


Used in the electronics industry and various pipeline operations of the temporary fixed and packaging.Recommended for holding and attaching electronic product.

Storage conditions: 

10-30 ℃, relative humidity 40-70%, to avoid direct sunlight and high temperature (40 ℃ above) high humidity (75% RH) environment.

Storage period: 6 months.



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