ESD Shielding Bag

ESD Shielding Bag

ESD shielding bags are designed for storage and shipment of electrostatic sensitive semi-conductor components and assemblies, giving them ultimate protection.


Used for all types of PC boards, IC circuits, CD-ROMs, hard drives, electronic components, precision metals, automotive components and other specialized packaging products.

Quality standards

Compliance with US standard: MIL-STD-2073-1, MIL-D-22020D; China: GB / T19532-2004, 4456-1996 GB / T; South Korea: A 2112-1995 KS

Material specification:

- PET material, tough, anti puncture

- Aluminum's function: Moisture-proof, protective

-PA's function: vacuum pump

-PE's function: Anti-static, soldering

Specification: Customized as customer's requirement.

Storage: 35 Degree Celcius, 70%




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