Casano Anti-mold Sticker

Casano Anti-mold Sticker

Casano Anti-mold Sticker produced on herbal biotechnology consists of non-toxic compounds and non-chemical natural essential oils with a multi-layer paper  and films that are effective against mold.


Function: Prevent mold/bacterial grow

Specification: 2.5*5 cm (CASANO Anti-mold chip H2)

Material: HDPE

Package: 2000pcs/roll, 10rolls/ctn

Application: shoes, clothes, handbag,leather goods packaging

Certificate: DMF free, EU standard,Eco-friendly

Usage suggest: 1-2pcs for normal shoes box,3-4pcs for leather boots

User manual:

First step: Decompose microorganisms in a prompt way, put anti-mold sticker in the shoe boxes and it can eliminate the bacteria and immediately.
Second step: Slowly release potent anti-mold factors to inhabit mold growth. Preserving the product for 3-6 months during shipment and store.

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