Air cushion machine AMSP

Air cushion machine AMSP

The  Air Cushion Machine AMSP is a packaging machine for Making Air Pillow Bags, Air Tubes and Air Bubbles. This air cushion machine is ideal for large scale warehouse. New and improved design with no belts to change and no compressor to buy. Better, more efficient and more economical than Sealed Air Machine.



Power: 110V/240V; 50Hz

Speed 25-30m/min

Size (Length x width x height): 375*340*390 mm

Weight: 8,5kg

Color: Blue

Adjustable Speed, Temperature, air volume.

No Belt, No compressor, very less maintenance

Workable with overhead hopper system, basket, and foot pedal etc.



Make air cusion, air pillow and air bubble bag

Good for use in E- Commerce, Fulfilment and Logistics Company





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