Air cushion machine C10

Air cushion machine C10

Air cushion machine C10 is a compact air machine, suitable for blowing air cushion and air bubble bags.



Power supply: 110 / 220V-50HZ / 60HZ

Power: 240W

Machine size: Length 400 x Width 180 x Height 280 (mm)

Speed: 12m / min

Thermal sealing temperature: 160-220 degrees Celsius

Weight: 5.2 kg

Colors: gray + green



Material bar: 1 Pcs

Power pluging: 1 Pcs

Feed Belt: 2 Pcs

High Temperature Colloid: 5 bars

Blades: 1 Set

Hexagon Spanner: 2 Pcs



Make air cusion, air pillow and air bubble bag

Good for use in E- Commerce, Fulfilment and Logistics Company




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