Air cushion machine H035

Air cushion machine H035

The  Air Cushion Machine H035 is a packaging machine for Making Air Pillow Bags, Air Tubes and Air Bubbles. This air cushion machine is ideal for large scale warehouse. New and improved design with no belts to change and no compressor to buy. Better, more efficient and more economical than Sealed Air Machine.



Power supply: 110 / 220V-50HZ / 60HZ

Capacity: 450W

Size: Length 400 x Width 165 x Height 310 (mm)

Speed: 28 - 30 m / min

Thermal sealing temperature: 90-150 degrees Celsius

Weight: 16.4 kg

Colors: gray + green



Material bar: 1 Pcs

Power pluging: 1 Pcs

Feed Belt: 2 Pcs

High Temperature Colloid: 5 bars

Blades: 1 Set

Hexagon Spanner: 2 Pcs



Make air cusion, air pillow and air bubble bag

Good for use in E- Commerce, Fulfilment and Logistics Company


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