Expiry Date Printing Machine XPM-200

Expiry Date Printing Machine XPM-200

The Expiry Date Printing Machine XPM-200 is compact in the size of 35mm X 28mm X 20 mm with a handle designed to suit Asian hands, the ability to quickly dry, can choose print and edit samples , print logo, date, shipment number as desired. The printing roller is smooth, completely works well, smoothly on all materials such as fabric, carton, stone, steel, plastic, ...




- Battery source: 5V

- Power: 15W

- Size: 35mm X 28mm X 20 mm

- Weight: 1.3 kg

- Print height: 25.4mm

- Printing distance: 2-5mm

- Print speed: 70m / min

- Print size: Unlimited length

- Print content: Letters, expiry date, manufacturing date, batch number, logo, QR code, barcode, matrix, ..

- Print resolution: 300 DPI

- Ink color: Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue

- Printing materials: carton, wood, stone, plastic tubes, plastic products, cables, metals, electronics, aluminum, veneer, ..



- Aluminum alloy suitcase: 1 unit

- Charger cable: 1 piece 

- Ink bottle: 1 bottle

- 304-S/S print plates: 1 pcs

- Touch pens: 1 pcs

- USB: 1 pcs

- Lithium battery: 1 unit

- Manual instructions : 1 pcs



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