VCI power

VCI power

VCI powder is a material that is both moisture resistant for goods in the packaging layer, and has the ability to diffuse  abrasive inhibitor (VCI). ) on the surface of metal products,  offer long-lasting rust protection to metals of various kinds.



-Purity: 99% Min

-Color: White Power

-Ingredients: Activated Attapulgite (inorganic clay) + VCI + Additives

-Package: 2.5g; 5g; 10g; 20g; 50g; 100g; Or as required.


Typical Applications of VCI Powder

Available in the form of VCI emitter, our VCI powder is suitable for use in small enclosed spaces where VCI paper or film reaches its limit. The anti rust powder packet is also effectively used on large-scale equipment where certain parts need to be protected as well as for small packaged items. Under conditions of normal use, 50g VCI powder can protect up to 1 cubic meters of enclosed space. In adverse environments or the event of poor sealing, more VCI powder should be put to use.



Keep VCI powder products in a cool, drifty room, and tightly sealed in its original package. Shelf life for VCI emitter packet is 1 year, starting from the date of manufacture.



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