PP strap

PP strap

Used for a variety of bundling applications, polypropylene (PP) strap is the ideal choice for light packaged goods to be packed and transported securely. As one of the most economical strapping materials, for manual or mechanical strapping use, Joinpack polypropylene strap is also recyclable to be eco-friendly and has good tensile strength for bundling and carton closure applications.

The advantages of PP strap:

- Versatile to use: with buckles, seals, vibro-tensioner, semi or fully automatic.

- Inexpensive to use: lowest price per metre of all strapping

- Low UV resistance

- Low creep resistance Usable at temperatures from-18 to 50 Celcius


PP  strap is popular and widely used in packaging cargo, materials, semi-finished products as well as some finished products in producing industy as bricks, tiles, ceramics, wood, iron and steel, aluminum, garments, electrical and mechanical appliances and in some fields of delivery, construction, etc.


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