Anti-mold agent

Anti-mold agent

Anti-mold agent is a new environmentally friendly agent,which can effectively kill mold, yeast, algae and bacteria, and has special effects on fungi. It can directly spray on the surface of products, which is effectively inhibit the breeding of mold.

Anti-mold agent is a strong antibacterial liquid,which is suitable for materials with high mildew risk. It’s a supplementary product for the anti-mold chip and desiccant.


Product details

- Main ingredient: TCMTB or (Benzothiazol-2-ylthio) methyl thiocyanate. 

- Color: Colorless

- Packaging: 400ml/bottle; 25kgs/Barrel

- Brand: Casano

- Origin: China





Widely used in footwear, leather products, Furniture care and mildew resistance are also available used for anti - mildew treatment of textile surface


How to use

* Standard facility

Spray gun

- Insert and stabilize a rigid tube from the opening to the bottom

- Connect with a hose and a spray gun

* The operation process

- Spray anti-mold agent after the shoes are formed.(without stuffing paper).

- Spray onto shoe/ leather surface ensuring all areas are covered. Then putting inside oven to dry.

- If you don’t have professional anti-mold spraying equipment, you can directly use the anti-mold bottle provided by us


Preservation for remainder

- The remainder should be stored in cool, dry place, well sealed.

- Please shake the liquid containers after being stored long time when reuse


Remarks - Gểnal mistakes in spraying

- The operator doesn’t wear a mask.

- The anti-mold agent is sprayed unevenly on the product surface.

- Spraying distance unsuitable.

- Water marks caused by over spraying.

- Spraying facility is not proper


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