Powder desiccant pouch

Powder desiccant pouch

High quality powder desiccant
The High quality powder desiccant of small various sizes which we produced comes from the modern first-class production line with one time packing. Thus can be sure of no leakage, and 100% safe.
Main ingredients: calcium chloride, amylopectin polymer

- Absorbs up to 300% of its own weight depending on mix and packaging.
- Strong moisture absorption, no leakage
- Completely after absorption of water does not evaporate.
- Broad application temperature range from-5ºC-90 ºC
- Environmental protection, non-toxic
- Approved by related authority organization.

Our high quality powder desiccant pouch all pass the test of RoHS. REACH, DMF free…

Small Package Desiccant
- Small package powder desiccant are designed for use in cartons, boxes, poly bags, etc.
- Small package powder desiccant placed within cartons/boxes/poly bag ensures that your high valued cargo arrive in destination in perfect condition
- High adsorption and leak free
- A complete size and specification range to match your requirements
- Doubling packaging utilizing Tyvek and very high grade non-woven materials ensure complete safety.


- AGRICULTURE PRODUCTS: Coffee, tea, tobacco, rice, flour, starch, pepper, ginger, cashew nuts, ground nuts, betel nuts, cocoa, copra, vegetables, fruit, etc.

- WOODEN PRODUCTS: Furniture, mouldings, timber, wood pulp, paper products, etc.

- ELECTRICAL GOODS: Appliances, cables, toys, etc.

- LEATHER GOODS: Footwear, bags, garments, furniture, etc.

- METAL PRODUCTS: Sheets, coils, machinery, auto spare parts, aluminium billets, copper products, etc.

- TEXTILES: Garments and fabrics, etc.




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