Casano PE Sheet

Casano PE Sheet

PE Sheets is a safe and effective method for mold prevention, designed for items packaged in carton such as clothes, bags, crafts, accessories.



SKU: Casano Antimod PE Sheet-H

Manufacturer: Casano (Topone)

Origin: Made in China

Size: 8*16cm, 25*25cm, 40*60cm


16*8cm: 5000pcs/roll

25*25cm: 1000pcs/roll

40*30cm: 500pcs/roll

60*40cm: 250pcs/roll

160*60cm: 50pcs/roll



PE sheet is widely used for garment products, leather shoes, handicrafts




- Imported products, exclusive brands, avoid counterfeit goods in the market.

- LDPE plastic material, anti-mold ingredients from nature, environmentally friendly

- Easy to use (just tear along the available easy line), safe and non-toxic
The anti-mold PE Sheet can release anti-mold factors in the packaging to actively eliminate mold growth.

- As a kind of packaging to help protect goods from moisture and dirt

- Anti-mold period up to 6 months


Product manual

- Take PE Sheet out of the aluminum bag. Use 3-5 sheets each time

- Put the sheet in the box and close the lid

- Store remaining PE sheets in aluminum bags or sealed packaging




- During packaging, gloves should be worn to avoid contamination of the product and PE Sheet by hand sweat and other contaminants.

- Ensure that gloves are clean and that gloves should be replaced when they become soiled.

- Pay attention to sharp parts, avoid puncturing the anti-mold film

- Store in a dry place, at room temperature, away from sunlight.


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