Cardboard Edge Protectors

Cardboard Edge Protectors

Damage caused during transport and handling is a problem for manufacturers and distributors. This is why a number of producers and packaging experts have chosen cardboardt edge protector as a solution.


Structure: made of tightly pressed Kraft layers of paper


No Size Weight (gram)
1 V3 : 30x30x3mm(thickness) x 1000mm (length) 130
2 V3 : 35x35x3mm(thickness) x 1000mm (length) 150
3 V4 : 40x40x3mm(thickness) x 1000mm (length) 175
4 V4 : 40x40x4mm(thickness) x 1000mm (length) 235
5 V5 : 50x50x3mm(thickness) x 1000mm (length) 235
6 V5 : 50x50x5mm(thickness) x 1000mm (length) 375
7 V6 : 60x60x5mm(thickness) x 1000mm (length) 450
8 V7 : 70x70x5mm(thickness) x 1000mm (length) 560
9 V7 : 70x70x7mm(thickness) x 1000mm (length) 680
10 V8 : 80x80x5mm(thickness) x 1000mm (length) 520
11 V8 : 80x80x8mm(thickness) x 1000mm (length) 830


- Replaces expensive packaging material

- Saves work and material

- It is environmentally friendly

- Can be sent all over the world without any need of extra treatment, such as the fumigation required for wooden material


-.Reduction in prduct Damage lee chance of product being crushed during shipping and storage.

- Increased Load Stability maximum strapping tension can be used without crushing product.

- Improved Shipping & Handling- allows more product to be placed on pallets, reducing handling costs and increasing warehouse and shipping space.

- Increased Profits-reduced product damage means less rejection of product by customers.

- Can be used with nails, staples and screws. Sturdy and reusable compostable.

- Sturdy and reusable.

- Accept custom.




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