Polyester Round Sling

Polyester Round Sling
Polyester Round Sling is a type of  made up of many overlapping polyester yarns. Round Slingis a flexible sling with large load bearing capacity, so it is often used in heavy industry.

- Material: Polyester round sling are made of many overlapping polyester yarns. The shell is specially woven with tubular 2-layer polyester that is not loaded, but for maximum protection of the polyester fibers inside, ensuring product safety when working.

- Round sling is manufactured according to EN 1492-2 standard with a factor of safety of 7:1 (5:1 and 6:1 factors can be produced according to customer requirements).

- Round slings are distinguished by color according to EN 1492-2 standard.

- High flexibility, soft surface does not hurt the goods.

- Heat resistant up to 100℃; withstand cold environment up to -40℃

- Low elongation

- Customized specifications according to customer requirements


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- Having surface roughness, so it is very anti-slip (suitable for lifting pipes, round tubular products, metal products, ...)

- High stability, less impulse when lifting the crane

- Various sizes and working loads, suitable for many applications.

- Light weight, high flexibility allows safe and easy movement of valuables cargo.

- Round sling has outstanding advantages compared to flat sling because the structure has a protective sheath (not load-bearing) and core (load-bearing) independent of each other, so when damaged the sheath does not affect the load-bearing structure (the sheath can be sewn or re-wrapped and under normal use).

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Due to its flexibility and good load-carrying capacity, wire rope is often used to lift products in heavy industry such as:

- Steel pipes, steel cables, steel beams

- All kinds of machinery, spare parts, heavy equipment

- Wood products, cement, sculptures,...


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