Anti-mold packing paper-G

Anti-mold packing paper-G

Anti-mold packing paper-G is used to wrap and packing leather products like shoes, bags or garment products. Produced from anti-mold agent, used to replace normal wrapping paper. This product is widely applied in garment as well as shoes and leather industry.


Product description
- Anti-mold packing tissue paper is one paper bond with anti-mold factor,which can replace the normal wrapping paper.
- It can build an anti-bacterial environment inside the package through totally wrapping the products,to inhibit the growth of fungi,achieve the anti-mold purpose

Size: According to your requirement
Color: Black/white
Carton size:95cm*37cm*22

(a) Fully wrapped products not only can keep off moisture,but also can destroy fungus on
the product's surface.It has a long lasting anti-mold and sterilization function.
(b) Easy to use,safe and healthy,recyclable.
(c) Paper is widely used material with low cost.
(d) Fully wrap the products,keep them more safer and longer-lasting.

User manual
Step 1: Open the foil bag and remove the paper.
Step 2: Take out of 3 to 5 pcs of paper to use every time.
Step 3: Paper wrapping the shoes directly.
Step 4: The shoes box should be closed immediately.

Footwear/garment/bag/leather and etc


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