Paper Slip sheet

Paper Slip sheet

Paper slip sheets are thin sheets made of Kraftliner paper  that come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit a range of needs. Similar to a pallet, they are placed underneath a load and are used to push or pull the load on and off of the forklift’s forks or platens.



- Durable and puncture-resistant

High tensile strength

- Made from multiple plies of 100% virgin kraft linerboard

- Custom-designed to varying sizes, styles and thicknesses

- Smart Environmental Choice

- Made from 100% renewable forest fiber procured in accordance with SFI® standards

- 100% Recyclable


Types of paper slip sheet

Advantages of Slip Sheets

- Using slip sheets instead of wooden pallets allows for 12–15% more products in material handling containers.

- Slip sheets do not require maintenance and can easily be replaced.

- Significant reduction in material handling costs. Slip Sheets weight 1/20 as much as pallets, which means major savings on shipping cost. Material costs can be decreased 80% or even more when compared to wooden pallets.

- Decreases loading/unloading time by up to 60%

- Better use of space in containers and vehicles.

Slip Sheets have a thickness of  0.6 – 0.8 mm, a wooden pallet has approx.15 cm. Slip Sheets have a weight of 620 gr/m2 whereas wooden pallets have a weight of 15 kg. You save 30 cm per m2 in a container and per load around 460 kg per container if you double stock pallet units in the container.

- Minimum space is required for storage of the sheets, thus reducing warehousing costs:

1,000 Slip Sheets = 1 m3

1,000 pallet = 70 m 3



- Can be customized to fit any size load.

- Eliminates the need for pallet exchange.

- Reusable and reliable.

- 100% recyclable.

- Is cost-effective.

- Unlike wooden pallets, slip sheets are not subject to phytosanitary restrictions



Unlike pallet, when using slip sheet we need to use push-pull attachment. Therefore, start-up cost is large. Beside that, it need customer participation. Customers must have push-pull attachment to move goods on slip sheets.

The last one is that slip sheets must be placed on rackable pallets


How to use slip sheet

The Slip Sheet is pushed or pulled by a special attachment called a Push-Pull, which can be easily added to any forklift truck. Push-Pull grips the Slip Sheet by the channeling, and so pulls the goods with the Slip Sheet under them onto stable forks, and moves it all to a container, where the goods and the slip sheet are quickly and easily loaded. Palletless handling can save on your employees’ energy expenditure, increase loading efficiency, and of course, most importantly, decrease your shipping costs.





Slip sheets are a great alternative to pallets in many applications, particularly for loading and unloading trailers and for general warehousing. They, however, aren’t a practical alternative for all types of applications. Non-homogeneous and disproportionate loads aren’t typically ideal for being handled on a slip sheet. Low throughput applications may not be able to justify the return on investment that slip sheets can provide due to high initial cost for the attachment.


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