Protective packaging for automotive industry
Ngày đăng : 17/07/2019

In recent years, shipping companies have increased their efforts to cut down on dimensional weights and box sizes so more products can fit inside shipping trucks.

In the automotive industry, parts come in all different shapes, sizes, weights and levels of fragility. Auto parts shippers and manufacturers need protective packing that will cut down on costs and make the supply chain more efficient from the time the item leaves the warehouse to the moment the package is opened.

Knowing what packaging supplies to use

For many auto industries, parts vary in size from as small as a spark plug to as large as an engine. Each product needs its own level of protective packaging, but knowing what works best with each item can be difficult. One wrong push of a box could break an item before it ever reaches its destination.

Instead, a trusted packaging supplier can reassess your current packaging system and see where you can cut costs in your protective packaging materials. If your automotive parts company packages several parts that are small and loose, you could save time and money by using bubble bags for containment and cushioning. However, if the majority of your items come in their own box and are heavy (and expensive), foam in place packaging will keep the items stabilized in its outer shell box and protect against vibrations.

“Aftermarket parts can include windshields and tire rims, which can be damaged during transportation.”
Working with unique item shapes

In the automotive industry, aftermarket parts include windshields, tire rims, bumpers and side mirrors, which all can be damaged in the transportation process. To keep these products safe, you need the right packaging materials that can mold or fit securely around these odd shaped items to ensure your auto parts are sent to customers in one piece and without any dings, cracks or scratches. Foam-in-place polyurethane is molded in real-time by combining two liquid foams in a pre-fabricated mold, high density polyethylene (HDPE) bag or film. The mixture expands rapidly around the product being protected, creating a custom protective shell.

It’s important to know things like fabricated polyethylene foam packaging are available in anti-static properties to protect sensitive electrical parts during transit. The correct packaging supplies will keep items safe throughout the entire shipment, creating happy customers.

Investing in protective packaging can get your auto parts business in tune with its customers with better packaging solutions.

Source: insight packaging